Food for Roadtrips

Traveling is a fantastic way to spend your retirement days and many people enjoy spending some quality time on the road. It’s not always easy planning out how you’ll make your meals on the road, and you may not be interested in dining out for every single meal while you travel. Here are some ways to prep for your road trip with quality, homemade food. Always talk to your doctor first about nutrition routines and any additional Medicare supplement plans you should look into.

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The best thing to do when it comes to long stints away from the kitchen is to plan ahead by making large batches of simple meals that you can divide up and save for different days. Take a nice homemade chili for example. Use a huge pot and make the batch 3 or 5 times larger than you normally would for you and your family.


Invest in some high quality Tupperware, and lots of it, and split up the entire batch. You can decide to each eat chili for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 1 or 2 days, or you can have it just for dinner for 3 or 4 days. Apply that same method to 2 other meals and you can all have 3 different meals throughout the week, all cooked and ready to go in advance.


You’ll want lots of cooler space and plenty of ice to store your food in as you travel, which also means you’ll want to have a good size vehicle and pack efficiently enough to make room for all your food storage.


Healthy snacking will be crucial for your road trip, particularly if you don’t want to cook enough to support 3 meals a day while you’re on the road. Slicing up veggies into snackable sizes and having various dips like hummus or salsa is a great idea. Fruits are also generally easy to store and eat readily. Water is crucial. Bring lots and lots of water, and buy it by the gallon. It’s really all you need to drink on the road, but if you need something more exciting every now and then, flavored soda water is also great.


If you plan to stay in hotels along the way, look for “extended stay” type hotels or “home-style” hotels that have some sort of kitchenette in the room. If the room has a stove and a fridge, you can hit grocery stores along the way and break up the meal making process more easily throughout the trip as opposed to doing it all beforehand.